Acceptor bancnote NV9



Product Description

Este absolut compatibil cu NV-7 (in privinta dimensiunii, setari, comunicare) .
Procesor nou 0,5 Mbyte memorie Flash care asigura compatibilitatea cu mai multe valute/bancnote in acelasi timp.
Foarte usor si simplu de programat cu ajutorul softului care poate fi descarcat gratuit de pe internet.
  • motor nou, rapid acceptare in 0,8 secunde, cu implementarea unei noi tehnologii antistring pentru securitate absoluta.
  • posibilitati interface: port paralel, pulsa, SSP(Smiley Secure Protokol), CCTalk, MDB etc.
  • banda kevlar pentru ca bancnotele sa ajunga linear in cashbox
  • cashbox pentru 300-600 de bancnote
  • detector fluorescent pentru scanarea si recunoasterea semnelor de securitate

Descarca manual de utilizare


Bill validator/Bank reader NV9

NV9 bill validator with integrated stacker for 600 notes for worldwide use. Available in various variants. 
Customer rebuilds are possible by exchanging the bezel and/or the cashbox. 
up to 16 channels useable following protocols on-board: 
SSP, ccTalk, SIO, Binary, Parallel, Pulse, MDB (option), … 
Interfaces via dip-switch or software selectable 
Acceptance speed: ca. 3 sec. 
Status information 
more than 60 currencies and multi-currency datasets. 
Please note:

Bill validator supplied without connection cable, please when ordering cable specially to order. 
Alternatively with 300 or 1000 bill cashbox available 
Technical specifications:

Supply Voltage: min. 11,5 Volt max. 14 Volt 
Supply Currents: Standby: 0,35 A 
Validating: 1 A Pick (Stacker motor stall): 1,5 A for more technical details use the NV9 manual

Pret: 110 EUR


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