Convertor VGA-CGA cu 4 iesiri si o intrare


Product Description


  1. vga out
  2. s_video out
  3. rgbs out
  4. av out


  1. vga in


The RGB, CGA, EGA, HD to VGA Converter PCB board is designed for application in Industry and Gaming. Used for the easy upgrade of old monitors to modern display screens. VGA Convertor accepts and converts input signal timings of CGA, EGA, High Definition 480–1080p/i and VGA for output at resolutions of selectable VGA, SVGA, XGA or HDTV.

It has a high compatibility with the majority of Video Systems as found in Industrial CNC machinery and Gaming cabinets. The output will support all CRT, LCD and PDP monitors. Now the retro-fit of older, superceded monitors is easy. The upgrade replacement monitors can also be better utilised for superior display of information and video using OSD options and colour adjustment pots.

Complete with two VGA D-sub outputs, available input connections are RGBS, RGBHV and Component RGB. Manual input selection by on-board push button controls and auto detection of the connected input signal timing allows for easy connection of the video source.

PRET : 50$


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